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How To Build a Successful Blog

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Part 2 of 2 - Why Your Business Needs A Blog!

Content Is, and Will Always Be King! Regarding online marketing, you already know that “content is king.” Blogging is just that: content marketing, and it is one of the best ways to spread the word about your site, your products, and services and position yourself as an industry expert. But content marketing is not the same as chumming the waters and hoping a big fish bites by turning out blog posts day after day with no strategy.

There’s more to great blogging than just words created by your little paws slapping away at the keypad until it starts smoking. In fact, because your blog is such a large percentage of Googles rank signals for your entire site, if you aren’t a writer – leave it to the professionals. But more on that in a moment.

If you are going to write your own blog, and it’s connected to your primary business, riddle me this:

What is the main reason to have a blog? Hmmm.

Because you like to write?

Because you always wanted to be a famous writer?

Because you know you need a blog to satisfy the Google Monster?

Because you want to save money?


The #1 reason to have a fantastic, impressive, knock your hat in the creek blog is for SEO juice! (That is the actual term used by Google.)

Successful Blog Writers Are Professional SEO Content Writers Because your business blog is so vital to your SEO ranking signal, the person doing the blogging better have the following in place:

Know What to Write About

  1. A blog schedule projected for a minimum of 6 months.

  2. Topics/titles/themes picked to support the business’s overall marketing strategy.

  3. Topics and content built primarily around researched SEO anchor text and keywords.

  4. The choice of keywords should be carefully examined using a software solution.

  5. The SaaS should identify keyword niches, groups, and clusters.

  6. The keywords should be long-tail consisting of 3 to 5 words or more.

  7. The keywords are also sourced based on a SaaS that identifies your competition’s keywords.

  8. You’re lost and bored already, aren’t you?

How to Write a Blog Post

  1. Every blog post requires a central point.

  2. Every blog post requires images because readers like images – don’t you?

  3. Every blog post requires structure for both the reader and search engines.

  4. Every blog post requires unique content. Google penalizes for plagiarism.

  5. Every blog post requires enough length but not too much. 500-600 words minimum.

  6. Every blog post requires internal linking such as HERE is our FAQ about SEO.

  7. Every blog post requires attention to proper spelling and grammar.

  8. Every blog post requires a call to action. For example, kindly read the rest of this and then hire us if you care about your SEO to write your blog posts. Send a request now to: – See, that’s a call to action.

Conclusion: Churning out content on a blog is not an automatic path to success. Carefully consider your strategy as it relates to these points. If you have an approach that follows this methodology, if you possess and know how to use the software tools referenced, if you can do all the advanced planning, and you are an exceptional content writer with a deep level of understanding about SEO, then by all means, write your blog. Or, not.

GREAT blog posts result in significantly higher success rates with your content marketing. This results in increased SEO juice, traffic to your site, and conversions to revenue if what you are marketing is a terrific product or service at a competitive price.

Time Is Money, Baby! As a new business owner, managing your time is of utmost importance. Between filling client orders, generating new business, developing marketing campaigns, and balancing the books, who has time for additional chores such as running an epic blog? The very thought might be overwhelming you right now. Fortunately, for you, there is the option of hiring a talented writer to create a professional SEO-driven blog for you: MaxGroup Business Solutions.

Man Typing on Computer Keyboard

“See, I press a lot of keys, and you get a blog post, Google likes the SEO

built in, so,… MA-AA, I said wait, I’m working, I’ll be down to rub

your feet later,.. Sorry, where were we?”

Why You Want a Professional to Write Your Blog You can focus your time and energy on more important matters. Sure, a blog following is vitally essential to the health and growth of your online business, but other things must be in place as well. Focus on the tasks that showcase your talents and hire someone with the ability to write your web content for you.

  1. Your credibility will soar. Professional bloggers know how to create content that sells itself, and they also know how to pull in compelling research, convincing statistics, and content that will drive your rankings higher and higher. After all, their livelihood depends on their ability to improve your business through their posts. “Bad bloggers have skinny kids.” – Jeff Peltin, MaxGroup Co-Founder & CMO

  2. It’s News to Me! Great pro-bloggers have access to additional social media outlets. Part of blogging promotional packages include posting across all kinds of social media outlets, including third party promotional websites that will introduce you to a much broader audience. The more people that see your content, the more likely you are to generate more leads and therefore, more sales.

  3. You’ve Been Served. Bloggers can protect you from legal copyright issues. Many a business owner has found himself in hot water over a copyright protected picture that used on a business blog, and Google is vigilant about penalizing sites containing plagiarized content. If you are running your blog without knowledge of copyright do’s and don’ts, you might find yourself with a little bit of explaining to do. Hiring a professional blogger to navigate legal waters for you will pay for itself many times over, as you won’t find yourself with legal fees and penalties for slipping up. “Much better to pay a writer on the front-end than an attorney on the back-end.” - Mark Skovron, PhD

  4. Blogs are all about the SEO value baby! Professional SEO content writers will consider the business’s overall objectives, competition, strengths and create content to appeal first to Google’s crawlers, and equally to the reader. Your blog posts are crafted with built in anchor text, keywords, longtails, images and powerful links all to consistently build your good ranking signals for Google.

Blog posts cultivated by a professional are very intense creations because the writer must constantly appease two entities, the person you want as your next client and an artificial intelligence bot that is extremely cunning and knows exactly what to look for.

It might sound ridiculous, but Google located in Mountain View, CA has over 88,000 full-time employees and over one-third of them are PhDs. Suffice to say, like it or not, Google determines what is important as a search engine, and how often they will return your site toward the top of a search inquiry – so you either must play their way or starve.

Have we convinced you yet? Business blogging is the lifeblood of your online business, and the professionals at MaxGroup Business Solutions can create results through their innovative marketing strategies and product offerings. Through our integrated approach to business growth, we employ experts in technology, marketing, research, and content creation to ensure that your business soars in the rankings. Visit us today at for more information. A partnership with MaxGroup will set you apart from your competition; get ready to take your business to the next level of success!

For a Limited Time! MaxGroup’s most popular service is our SEO Essentials Plan for local businesses. There are no long-term contracts as the plan is month-to-month and has a money-back guarantee.

At $400 per month we perform more SEO functions than our competitors do at $2,000 - $3,000. You can view the plan and it’s features HERE. It’s a 2-minute read.

If you choose the MaxGroup SEO Essentials Plan for your business, we’ll throw in 2 blog posts per month at no additional charge! Our blog posting service is normally $175 per posting. So that is $350 waived, you get two professionally crafted blog post per month, and all the FEATURES of the SEO Essentials Plan for $400 a month.

Email your interest or questions immediately to: , or call (888) 670-7771, or call your MaxGroup Marketing Director.

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Online content marketing speaks with people.” Mark Skovron, PhD

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